The Korean Society of Food Science and Technology (KoSFoST), founded in 1968, is a voluntary, nonprofit scientific association in the field of food science and technology. The purpose of the KoSFoST is to help elevate the level of food science and technology, in both theory and practice, by providing scientific and technical information to the food industry, stimulating community education and training programs, and finally, making timely recommendations for the benefits of the general public.

KoSFoST is devoted to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in broad areas of food science and technology that include chemistry, biochemistry, processing, engineering, safety, packaging, microbiology, enzymology, biotechnology and other food related disciplines.

KoSFoST plays an active role in various scientific functions such as organizing domestic and international conferences, symposia, seminars and regular annual meetings.
KoSFoST publishes two scientific journals, a food industry magazine, monographs, technical bulletins and booklets.


Ēš To organize scientific meetings, seminars, symposia and exhibitions.
Ēš To provide educational opportunities.
Ēš To help elevate the level of scientific knowledge through research programs.
Ēš To publish scientific journals, technical bulletins, and books.
Ēš To cooperate and exchange of information and technology with other institutions at home and
Ēš To stimulate cooperation between industry and academia through financial support and
    technical consultation.
Ēš To honor individuals and groups who made significant contributions for the advancement of food
    science and technology.