KoSFoST is administered by the Governing Board and the Executive Office. The Governing Board is composed of the President, Vice Presidents, and Auditors. The Executive Office is composed of Secretary General, Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Secretary of Special Affairs, Treasurer, Managing Editor, and Secretary of Information. KoSFoST is grouped into ten Divisions, three Regional Chapters, and thirteen Standing Committees as listed below:
Lipid Science Division
Food Engineering Division
Food Safety Division
Sensory and Consumer Science Division
Food Analytical Science Division
Food Ingredients Division
Food Packaging Division
Carbohydrate Division
Health Functional Foods Division
Aquatic Food Products Division
Product Development Division
Soy Processing & Utilization Division:
Food Laws and Regulations Division
Food Microbiology Division
Food Services Industry Division
Animal Derived Food division
Brewing Science Division
 Regional Chapters
Honam Chapter
Yeongnam Chapter
North America Chapter
 Standing Committees
Award Administration Committee
Correspondent to the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
Delegate to the International Union of ood Science and Technology (IUFoST)
Editorial Committee of Food Science and Biotechnology
Editorial Committee of Food Science and Industry
Editorial Committee of Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology
Food Industry Development Committee
Food Law and Administration Committee
Food Science Curriculum Committee
Food Science Terminology Committee
Fund Raising and Operating Committee
Literature and Abstract Committee
Long-term Planning Committee