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대학원생과 전문가를 위한 과학 논문 작성법 워크숍

  • 제목: Introduction to Academic Publishing
  • 일시: 8월 17일(수) 15:00-16:30
  • 장소: 대구 엑스코 Room 322
  • 강사: Dr. Ogan Gurel (Enago, Crimson interactive Korea)
  • 인원: 100명 한정 선착순 - 강의 노트 배부
  • 세부내용
    • How the studies should be structured (IMRAD format)
    • How to write their literature review
    • How to explain the important results of their research topic
    • Discuss the different pointers used by authors to draw the attention of the reader
    • The processes of journal selection and manuscript submission
    • Explain the common reasons for a paper to be rejected
    • The overall publication process

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