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Instruction for Hotel Reservation

  • For all participants of KoSFoST 2016 Annual Meeting, the organizing committee is pleased to offer sufficient rooms at hotels listed below with discounted rates.
  • To take advantage of these discounts, participants are kindly advised to make an on-line hotel reservation via the On-line Reservation webpage.
  • Reservations will be reserved on a first come, first served basis, and early reservation is recommendable.

Hotel Information

Hotel Name Room Type Rate (KRW)
Room Breakfast
Hotel Inter-Burgo DAEGU Double/Twin 165,000 20,000
Hotel Inter-Burgo EXCO Double 120,000 18,000
Twin 130,000
The Grand Hotel Double 141,000 20,000
Novotel Ambassadors Daegu Double/Twin 161,700 22,000
Hotel Laonzena Standard Double 135,000 15,000
Standard Twin 148,500
Eldis Regent Hotel Standard Double (Main Building) 96,000 16,500
Deluxe Double (Annex Building) 140,000
QUEENVELL HOTEL Business Double 80,000 10,000
Standard Twin 90,000
Deluxe Double 120,000
Deluxe Twin 130,000
Hotel Airport Superior Double/Twin 77,000 10,000
Deluxe Twin 88,000
Family Twin 99,000
HOTEL NORTHTEL Superior Double 69,000 / 89,000 Not provided
VIP Double 89,000 / 109,000
VIP Twin ( 2 Single beds) 89,000 / 109,000
Suite Twin (2 Double beds) 169,000 / 185,000
Enterpark Hotel Standard Room 50,000 Not provided
Special Room 60,000
VIP Room 70,000
Herotel Ondol Room 50,000 Not provided
Standard Room 55,000
Twin Room 65,000
The Style Guesthouse Dormitory Room (26people/Mix/Single bed) 20,000 Included
Dormitory Room 20,000
(10people/Female Only/Single bed)
Dormitory Room 20,000
(12people/Female Only/Single bed)
Domitory Room 25,000
(12people/Female Only/Double bed)
Double/Twin Room 50,000
(The whole room)
Casual House Sono Dormitory type room for 4 people (2 double-deck beds) 25,000 Not provided
Dormitory type room for 6 people (2 double-deck beds) 25,000
Standard double 59,000/75,000
Suite (Double+Single beds) 109,000/129,000
Empathy Guesthouse Dormitory Room 22,000 Included
(Female only/Male only/10people)
Dormitory Room 25,000
(Female only/Male only/8people)
Dormitory Room 27,000
(Female only/Male only/6people)
Double Room 55,000
(2people/The whole room)
Empathy Hanok Guesthouse Room for 2 people(The whole room) 60,000 Included
Room for 3 people(The whole room) 90,000
Room for 4 people(The whole room) 110,000
Empathy Hostel Dormitory type room for 4 people 23,000/26,000 Included

  • If you want to further information on other types of accommodations in Daegu, please visit below website.

    DAEGU Accommodation Website
    Greenstel is a newly-coined word that was formed by connecting the words "green" and "hostel," and refers to a low-carbon, green accommodation. It was developed as part of the successful, eco-friendly hosting of the 2011 Daegu International Track and Field Championships.

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